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Please help us celebrate with your donation to our CHARITY ONLINE AUCTION OCTOBER 10th - OCTOBER 24th to assist disadvantaged youth in our community!

Since 1991, we have awarded more than $8.9 million in grants to 87 charitable organizations. Your donation builds a better community helping to support your business .

Please complete the form and submit by September 15.

For donation pick ups, inquiries or other requests please call 941 952 1109.

Past contributors, thank you for your continued support! New contributors, thank you for your consideration.

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Sandy Loevner
President, Board of Directors
Florida Winefest & Auction

Mailable items can be sent to:
Florida Winefest & Auction
P.O. Box 4193
Sarasota, FL 34230-4193
For all other items, please contact:
941-952-1109 or email