Sourced from select cool-climate vineyards along California¹s Central Coast, 10SPAN fine wines showcase the best of Monterey County and Santa Barbara County. Home to the vineyards that comprise 10SPAN wines, the region¹s cool ocean breezes form from the Pacific Ocean and follow through to the coastal mountains to cultivate distinct microclimates. These allow for a long growing season and the slow, even ripening in which our select grape varietals thrive.


Our Acrobat wines are grown responsibly in the gorgeous hills and valleys of Western Oregon, producing versatile Pinot Gris and Pinot Noirs that work wonderfully with food of all kinds and are equally satisfying on their own.


There have been two ingredients of this story: the Mazzone family and their passion for this land. It all started in the ’70s, when Domenico, father of Francesco, Giuseppe and Massimo inherited small and selected plots of land in the countryside of Ruvo from his father. Vineyards, orchards and olive groves were the scene of that time, which led to the establishment of this company. The company took shape after Francis, the eldest son, obtained his wine technician diploma from the Wine Institute of Locorotondo and later a degree in wine making from the University of Ancona; and the dream became a reality.


Winery founder Bruce Cohn was introduced to the music industry at an early age. Prior to moving west from Chicago, Illinois, his father sang Italian Arias and his mother was known to have sung with Frank Sinatra in the Chicago nightclub scene. The family also had a strong business acumen owning and running a successful retail shoe business, named Four Cohns. In 1956, the family relocated to the Bay Area and settled in Sonoma County.


Within each of us lives a legacy, a story waiting to be told.  Stories, like wine, are meant to be shared.  The tradition of storytelling, as a method for passing down customs, history and heritage through the generations, is a uniquely human response to embrace eternity.  The place where the storytelling occurs is almost as important as the story.  The energy, the connection to one another, the desire to listen and then to retell the tale, creates the framework for an enduring legacy.  Without a place, a space to commune, the legacy quickly becomes a faded memory.


Across Tuscany and anywhere wine is made, nature gives us its bounty. At Castello Banfi and throughout the varied terroirs and soils that make up our constellation of vineyards, we harvest the goodness of the earth, caressing and nurturing it as we craft our wine to express all its character in every bottle.

Castello Banfi is a family-owned vineyard estate and winery in the Brunello region of Tuscany. Together with its sister estates in Piedmont, Vigne Regali and Principessa Gavia, it has become recognized the world over for its dedication to excellence and sparking a renaissance in the art of Italian winemaking.


Benevolo wines are created by 4 friends with a drive for combining the experience and passion of Sonoma with the artistry and complexity of Napa. With a combined family wine history of over a thousand years, our mission is to create perfect wines to share with our closest friends and family while doing all we can for the betterment of the youth in our communities.

A portion of all proceeds Benevolo receives goes directly towards supporting charities for underprivileged children.

Sincerely, Dominic Foppoli, Joe Foppoli, Liam McCormick, and Dana von Sternberg


At Benziger, we’re about three things: family, great wine and healthy vineyards. For more than thirty years, we’ve farmed our ranch on Sonoma Mountain and searched Sonoma County for the most distinctive and expressive vineyards. Once found, we tend these sites using certified Biodynamic, organic and sustainable farming methods. The result is a portfolio of authentic and memorable wines.


Led by a trio with roots that stretch from California to Tennessee and through several generations, BNA Wine Group is creating what consumers want today ­ great wine for a better price.We bring a fresh approach to the wine industry through an arm¹s length perspective. This comes from being headquartered in Tennessee, while maintaining an office and a physical presence in St. Helena, Calif., where we do business and have good relationships with various vineyards and wineries. Our company has hands-on experience and a keen understanding of both sides of the wine business, and the capital and passion to help our wines take flight.


Brandlin is a Napa Valley estate that produces wine from a small, historic vineyard in the Mount Veeder appellation. The wines pay homage to the Brandlin family.

As early as the 1870s, the Brandlins settled on these steep, rocky slopes, and became grape growing pioneers in Napa’s Mount Veeder region. With over 50 years’ of experience, Henry Brandlin staked the family’s claim to this estate and planted their own vineyards in 1926.

In 1998 Cuvaison Estate Wines was honored by Henry’s son, Chester Brandlin, with rights to purchase Brandlin Vineyard. Respectfully maintaining the integrity of the estate, only a fraction of the land has been planted to vineyards carefully designed to honor the integral beauty of the property.


Since its founding in 1973 by Jack and Dolores, Cakebread Cellars has been famous for its warm, gracious hospitality and unmatched wines. With an enduring commitment to quality, the belief that life’s occasions are elevated by good people, good food, and good wine flows through everything we do. Sharing these tenets and this journey with you not only brings us great joy, but also gives us the motivation to always look to improve. We take great pride in sharing our family with your family.

With 40 harvests under our belts, and the second generation of winemaking Cakebreads now running the winery, our little family winery has become one of the most successful and respected wineries in America, renowned for its world-class vineyards, wines, and hospitality.


Carneros della Notte vineyards today announced their debut release, consisting of two pinot noirs vintage 2003 now available at This new producer is created in partnership by two men of diverse backgrounds and is producing ultra-premium pinot noir wines from three different clones and three different rootstocks. The grapes are harvested by hand and exclusively at night while the juice chemistry is more stable. The winery’s name reflects this practice and translates to “Carneros of the Night”. Carneros della Notte is also the first producer to use a glow-in-the-dark wine label to further articulate the winery’s unique approach to pinot noir production.

The premier releases are the Los Carneros Pinot Noir, a 100% Pinot Noir from the Carneros region of Napa and Sonoma Valleys, which retails at $48.00 per bottle, and the Napa Valley DIII Vineyard Pinot Noir, which is produced with grapes grown exclusively from David Harmon’s Carneros-Napa Valley vineyard and is offered at $150.00 per bottle.


Across Tuscany and anywhere wine is made, nature gives us its bounty. At Castello Banfi and throughout the varied terroirs and soils that make up our constellation of vineyards, we harvest the goodness of the earth, caressing and nurturing it as we craft our wine to express all its character in every bottle.

Castello Banfi is a family-owned vineyard estate and winery in the Brunello region of Tuscany. Together with its sister estates in Piedmont, Vigne Regali and Principessa Gavia, it has become recognized the world over for its dedication to excellence and sparking a renaissance in the art of Italian winemaking.


It all began at the dinner table. Charlie Wagner Sr., who co-founded Caymus Vineyards in 1972 with his wife, Lorna, and son, Chuck, would mix wines to find the perfect glass to pair with his meal. No one blended wines back then, so his experiment was pretty radical.

Fast forward to 1989, when Conundrum White was born, quickly taking off with its mysterious, tropical notes and amazing versatility. Conundrum Red, serious yet approachable, was introduced in 2011. Today, it¹s Charlie’s grandson, Charlie Wagner II, who keeps Conundrum as original as ever.


Caymus Vineyards produces two Cabernets Sauvignons – a “Napa Valley” and the venerable “Special Selection”.  Both Cabernet bottlings have aromas and flavors which can only be achieved through “hang time” – a technique which chances the loss of crop if early winter sets in.  Leaving the fruit to “hang” on the vine unusually long develops suppleness, increases color, and matures the tannins of the grapes.  The wines are abundant in textural tannins yet soft as velvet.


“It is a privilege to be involved with such a significant and strikingly beautiful property. For nearly four decades, Chalk Hill has been one of the premier wine estates in California. Our Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs, and proprietary Estate Red are all considered benchmarks among their peers. Our commitment to sustainable farming ensures that our land will remain healthy for generations and our wines will accurately reflect their origins in the hills of eastern Sonoma County.”
William P. (Bill) Foley II


Boutique winery producing Ultra Premium Estate Wines from our Russian River and Dry Creek vineyards. Incredible views of the rolling vineyards from our hilltop winery, rustic tasting room, poolside patio, great wines – a must see winery! Mission: To be a distinctive, superb small winery that makes outstanding quality yet affordable wines — and to stay that way.


Classical Wines was founded in the early 1980s as its search for quality, individual family vineyards in Spain coincided with the burst of artistic energy which typified the first decade of that country’s reborn democracy. This was a soul-searching period in which renewed emphasis was given to the recuperation of viticultural traditions. Involved with key players from their formative stages, Classical Wines has played a pivotal role in developing style and encouraging the recommitment to natural expression.


Welcome to Clos Pegase, the classic Napa Valley destination for award-winning, estate wines and luxury hospitality. Located just down the road from the town of Calistoga and nestled among estate vineyards, Clos Pegase Winery is both an awe-inspiring and welcoming destination.


Generations of family leadership have driven our significant contributions to the California wine industry and have positioned Concannon as a landmark winery with an enduring commitment to crafting exceptional award-winning wines. There¹s a legacy at work here, one that we strive to uphold and continue. We may come from a place of tradition, but our wines will never be conventional‹and you¹ll taste it in every sip.


One of the world¹s three leading wine producers and South America¹s single largest exporter of fine wines, Concha y Toro accounts for virtually a quarter of Chile¹s total wine production. Founded in 1883, Concha y Toro was the first producer to introduce Chilean fine wines made from French grape varieties. Today, Concha y Toro spans over a dozen estates located throughout the premier wine regions of Chile.


Cooled by fog from the San Pablo Bay, the rolling hills of this certified sustainable estate have produced distinctive Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines for over 30 years. Dedicated to a philosophy of producing vineyard-driven wines, Cuvaison employs block-by-block farming methods and a hand-crafted vineyard-to-bottle winemaking approach. The resulting wines are balanced and complex, showcasing the distinctive characteristics of this cool climate estate.


In the summer of 1559 Don Tristan De Luna sailed into what is now Pensacola Bay, becoming the first European settlement in the New World. The party of 1,500 soldiers and colonists anchored in the bay and set up camp close to where the N.A.S. lighthouse stands today. Unfortunately, before they could unload their vessels, a hurricane swept through and destroyed most of the ships and cargo.


Delicato Family Vineyards is one of the fastest growing wine companies in the world, celebrating 90+ years of California winemaking and grape growing heritage. Family-owned and operated since the company’s founding in 1924, three generations of Indelicato family have fostered the winery’s commitment to innovation, quality and environmental stewardship – cornerstones that have harnessed the family’s long-term focus and solidified the winery as an internationally recognized leader in the industry.


Duplin Winery strives to produce wines that capture the spirit of our heritage while maintaining the freshness of the fruit with unwavering quality. Every bottle produced by Duplin draws the same pleasure and appreciation as the first. Sunshine, water, soil, a little bit of luck, and a whole lot of love, is our recipe for success.


Born into two longstanding wine families in Napa Valley, Winemaker Jenny Wagner inherited a love of farming, an eagerness to get her hands dirty and a willingness to push boundaries.  There is no typical day at the winery.  The work changes with the seasons and you have to constantly adapt.  It’s your job to turn out a great wine no matter what Mother Nature hands you.


The Foppoli family has been making boutique wines in California for nearly 100 years. In Italy, the family winemaking tradition dates back centuries. The American practice started 5 generations ago when Giuseppe Foppoli created a high end private label in a small production facility located in the North Beach section of San Francisco. Giuseppe only allowed the wine to be sold to a select list of long time customers and in the two high end private social clubs that he ran in the city.


Committed to natural winegrowing and sustainability, we farm our five estate vineyards without artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, rely on wild yeast fermentation and use our passion and the art of winemaking to handcraft food-friendly, balanced and elegant wines.? In keeping with our goal of sustainability, the winery switched to solar power in 2006. As Mike often says, “From our vineyard to your glass, naturally!”


Guenoc Valley lies sixty miles north of San Francisco – a breathtaking panorama of oak-strewn grasslands, rolling green hills, craggy outcroppings and perfect volcanic cinder cones, painted with the shimmer of a dozen azure lakes. The 21,349-acre Langtry Estate is one of the largest contiguous private land holdings in California, and among the most beautiful.


The six vineyards of Hahn Estate make up over 1000 acres of premier wine growing territory. Each with its own unique terroir, these vineyards help to produce blends of great complexity and single vineyard wines of distinction.


Historic Halter Ranch is a vineyard and winery located in the heart of the Paso Robles’ Westside Adelaida District. California¹s Central Coast Wine Country has ideal conditions for growing superior wine grapes and producing world-class wines. We craft 100% estate-grown wines, which are sustainably farmed on westside limestone soils. Tradition and innovation mix at Halter
Ranch to produce Bordeaux and Rhône wines of the highest quality.


When Chuck Hope first laid eyes on the oak-studded hills of Paso Robles, he saw a land of beauty and opportunity. Struck by the possibilities hidden in the many microclimates of the Central Coast, Chuck and his wife Marlyn moved the family to Paso Robles in 1978 to start what would become Hope Family Wines. They raised their children, Austin and Chelsea, amongst the grapevines and oak barrels and were on the forefront of the Central Coast becoming a world-class viticultural region.


Jordan Estate is nestled in the Alexander Valley of Sonoma County, where the iconic Jordan Winery Chateau overlooks nearly 1,200 acres of rolling hills ands vineyards dedicated to agriculture, hospitality and conservation


With close to 90 different appellations, Joseph Drouhin offers a fascinating array of Burgundy terroirs in all their authenticity and subtle variations.  For the last 130 years, Maison Joseph Drouhin has been in the hands of the Drouhin family.  Today, the fourth generation is at the helm, animated by the same passion that inspired the founder of the company.  Joseph Drouhin has adopted the biological and biodynamic approach.  Only natural products are used in the vineyards and all procedures show the utmost respect for the soil, the vine and the environment.


The family crest, which appears on our labels, was bestowed in 1438 by the Emperor Albrecht II, who ruled over Frankonia, Germany. The 2 stars symbolize the fortune of this family while the wing of the eagle in red and black sitting atop on the crowned helmet reflects the rise and the strength of the family. The family’s estate was known by this name for generations until 1936, when it was changed to commemorate the union between the Kemmeter and Reinhardt families. 


Kenwood Vineyards’ estate ranches, together with a few selected growers’ vineyards, make up the cornerstone of our flagship wines. With limited yield and great control over quality, each of these ranches has a track record proven over many vintages of producing grapes with exceptional quality, concentration, and distinctive flavors.


Situated at the tip of the Willamette Valley just southwest of Eugene, OR, our beautiful Estate is where our story begins.  We responsibly produce world-class wines that are consistently excellent, consistently available and consistently reasonable in their price. That’s been our covenant to you, the people who support our winemaking.  During harvest, grapes are carefully hand-picked and brought to our crush pad, where we produce 350,000 cases of wine annually.  Our two fermentation wings house stainless steel tanks, in which our wines are fermented and perfected.


In 1992, culinary entrepreneur Pat Kuleto purchased 761 acres of rugged terrain in the mountains of Eastern Napa Valley. Overlooking Lake Hennessey, Pritchard Hill and the towns of Rutherford and St. Helena, the property was wild, remote, beautiful and private. In addition to its potential as a country estate, the property possessed a myriad of soils and the growing conditions needed to produce world-class, high-altitude wines.

After the site was surveyed, analyzed and mapped, planting began in 1993 with a handful of micro-blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Over the next few years, small blocks of Syrah, Zinfandel, Muscat and a number of blending varieties were added to the property. In addition to growing grapes, the estate was also a working ranch with sheep, fowl, cattle, fish, orchards and gardens.


Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards opened its doors in February 1989 in Clermont, Florida and sits on a 127-acre estate in gently rolling countryside some 25 miles west of downtown Orlando. This area was once the center of the State’s grape industry. After years of phenomenal growth, Lakeridge ranks as Florida’s largest premium winery, and remains a pioneer in the development

of table and sparkling wines from muscadine and hybrid grapes. Vintage-dated varietals from hybrids such as Stover and Blanc Du Bois are produced and marketed along with blended and sparkling wines from native Muscadine grapes.


Landmark Vineyards sources grapes from the finest vineyards in California, including Sonoma, Monterey and Santa Barbara Counties, to produce wines that capture the uniqueness of the region, appellation, and at the pinnacle, a single vineyard. We source from vineyards that each claim a unique microclimate and soil composition. Through careful blending, our winemaker creates wines that balance and enhance those characteristics.The resulting blend is greater than the sum of its parts.


LANDSKROON (est. 1692) is currently owned by the families of Paul and Hugo de Villiers. The cellar is situated on the south-western slopes of Paarl Mountain, where the De Villiers family has been winemakers for five generations.


The roots of Mario Bazan Cellars go back to 1973 when Mario immigrated to the Napa Valley from his native Oaxaca, Mexico. When Mario arrived in the Napa Valley, he was immediately charmed by its beauty and energized by the vigorous wine growing atmosphere he observed. He continued to hone his skills over the next four decades as he advanced step-by-step from a general laborer to grape grower. Today, Mario has his own estate vineyard and highly regarded vineyard management company farming several hundred acres throughout Napa and Sonoma Valleys. Gloria joined him when they were married in 2005.


Mer Soleil and Silver Chardonnays are both products of the same fruit from the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation of Monterey County.  The difference between the two Chardonnays is the fermentation process.  Mer Soleil is fermented in French oak barrels chosen from an array of coopers, while Silver never sees the inside of a barrel.  Winemaker, Charlie Wagner, uses modern fermentation and aging methods utilizing both stainless steel and cement tanks for Silver unoaked Chardonnay.


My name is Mike Anderson and welcome to MTGA Wines. This wine project was created to focus on small production, craft wines. MTGA began as of 2010 with just 40 cases of Merlot from St. Helena. Today the production has grown to almost 250 cases which includes the Merlot, a Dry Riesling and has both Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon in deck to join the lineup.


We were pilgrims to Washington.  Since our first Washington harvest in 2005, we have embraced the state.  In turn, the state has embraced us as kindred spirits of the Pacific Northwest.  We make wine for wine lovers, simple as that.  These are artisan-crafted wines, affordable enough to enjoy every day.  My family has always called this our business plan:  Integrity.  It works for us, and we will always work to bring you the very best.


Since Oak Ridge was founded as a winemaking cooperative in 1934 the sciences of viticulture and enology along with consumer sophistication have grown exponentially. In 2002 an extensive and comprehensive renovation began that has transformed Oak Ridge Winery into a state-of-the-industry facility capable of meeting the quality, style and volume demands of a growing and evolving global marketplace.


The more things change, the more they stay the same’ as the historic Stellenbosch estate embraces change while retaining their rich legacy.

More than a century old, this historic fourth-generation-owned Stellenbosch wine estate is one of the ‘first families of Cape wine’, and boasts a laudable reputation as ‘leader of the pack’ (John Platter’s South African Wine Guide 2001). While Overgaauw is synonymous with innovation – most recently reflected in the release of top-quality new vintages across the Overgaauw wine range, all sporting brand new labels – the team is careful not to allow modernization to detract from their rich legacy.  


Over the past ten years, production has grown from 1500 cases to over 20,000 cases a year. However, our goal remains the same: to make terroir-driven wines and to bring these wines to the consumer at the best prices without compromising quality. From the vineyard to your glass, the Pali Team takes pride in making wines that express the unique qualities and flavors of the varietal and the appellation in which it’s grown.


Ram’s Gate Winery opened in the fall of 2011 as a place to press pause, to stop and savor what we love most. Our Sonoma winery focuses on small-lot Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and our aim is simple: to create the finest possible wines that only our climate and our terroir can produce.  Our winemaking team, spearheaded by industry veteran Jeff Gaffner, approaches winemaking as a way to showcase the signature of a unique site, often as specific as a few rows within a vineyard. Fruit is harvested and handled with care and intention, from selection in the vineyard to cluster- and berry-sorting on our custom designed tables.


The history of Ridge Vineyards begins in 1885, when Osea Perrone, a doctor who became a prominent member of San Francisco’s Italian community, bought 180 acres near the top of Monte Bello Ridge. He terraced the slopes and planted vineyards; using native limestone, he constructed the Monte Bello Winery, producing the first vintage under that name in 1892. This unique cellar, built into the mountainside on three levels, is Ridge’s production facility. At 2600′, it is surrounded by the “upper vineyard.”


At RoadTrip Wines we understand that wine is about a place. It’s about a product born of climate, soil and topography, achieved through the hard work of people who possess passion for their region.

RoadTrip Wines is a family business – father, mother and daughter trio – based in South Tampa servicing both on and off-premise customers throughout the state of Florida. We pride ourselves on our personal touch and commitment to world-class customer service. When you call RoadTrip Wines, you speak to an owner. When you schedule a tasting with RoadTrip Wines, the owners conduct it. Deliveries? You guessed it. Not only are we in South Tampa, but the wine is as well!


Ron Rubin has created distinctive wines for your enjoyment, from superlative Green Valley of Russian River Valley grapes.  


Roth Estate is a family-owned winery dedicated to crafting full-flavored wines grown in exemplary Sonoma County vineyards. Beginning in 2001, Roth committed to producing classic Bordeaux varietals in Alexander Valley. A decade later the winery expanded its winemaking to include cool-climate varietals from the Sonoma Coast. Nestled in the southern reaches of Alexander Valley, Roth’s home vineyard is comprised of gentle rolling hills. The low-vigor, volcanic-based soil shapes Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot wines of intensity, depth and concentration.

Nearby lowland sites adjacent to the Russian River provide zesty, citrus flavors and rich, elegant textures for Sauvignon Blanc. Heading west to the heart of the Petaluma Gap, cool-climate Sonoma Coast sites produce rich, ripe Chardonnay and elegant Pinot Noir with vibrant acidity.


San Sebastian Winery, founded in 1996 is located in St. Augustine, Florida. According to historians, this area is the birthplace of American wine, dating back to 1562.

Today, San Sebastian ranks as one of Florida’s premium wineries, and remains a pioneer in the development of table, sparkling and dessert wines from hybrid and muscadine grapes. Vintage-dated varietals from hybrids such as Stover and Blanc Du Bois are produced and marketed along with blended and sparkling wines from native Muscadine grapes. San Sebastain has won many awards for excellence in winemaking, over 550 so far with more to come each season. Every year more than 150,000 people are expected to visit the winery’s extensive tasting room and wine shop.


Founded in 1935, Santa Margherita, the flagship brand, has been contributing to the international success of premium quality Italian wine for more than 80 years.  This success has deep roots and strong bonds, backed by an approach mapped out by Santa Margherita’s founder, Count Gaetano Marzotto.


Seven Stones winery is a 45-acre winery estate nestled within the Meadowood Resort in St. Helena, just above the Meadowood Resort. We originally purchased the undeveloped plot as a family estate, planting a single acre of Cabernet Sauvignon in 1996 and building a jewel-box winery with recreational family winemaking in mind. Over time, it became evident that the property, surrounded by some of Napa’s most prized vineyards, possessed the well-drained, rocky, volcanic soils that could produce world-class wine. Aaron Pott was hired as winemaker, while the Pina Vineyard Management was hired to tend the vines.


Shadowbox Cellars sources from carefully selected vineyards, and, working with a dedicated winemaking team, guides each varietyal from vine to barrel to create wines of refined distinction and beauty.  With only 750 cases of each vintage, Shadowbox Cellars offers a truly limited selection.  We produce between 75 and 175 cases of each of our five varietals.


Silkwood Wines, in Modesto, California, produces World Class fine wines from Syrah, Petite Sirah, Chardonnay, Alicante Bouschet, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. All bottles feature a unique velvet label that represents the smooth and rich profile of the wines.


Hahn Estates now owns 650 SLH vineyard acres that range in elevation from 200 to 1,200 feet.The Hahn SLH wines, which epitomize the appellation as well as the passion and commitment of the Hahn Family, are created from the fruit of these meticulously planted hillside vineyards. These wines are produced completely in the Santa Lucia Highlands—from the ground to the barrel to the bottle—at Hahn Estates Winery.

“The Hahn SLH wines encompass what I believe is the ‘soul’ of not only the soil and climate, but also of the Hahn team,” according to Winemaker Paul Lifton. “The Hahns have surrounded themselves with people all passionate towards one goal: producing a world-class line of SLH wines. Blended in to each of these wines is this team’s signature of passion… buried underneath the layers of aromas and flavors, is a subliminal sense of the many souls involved in growing and making these wines.”


It was in the mid-1970’s and on two neighboring ranches-turned-vineyards in Monterey County that Nicolaus (“Nicky”) Hahn and his wife Gaby first established Hahn Winery and Smith & Hook wines. The Smith Ranch had been horse ranch, while the Hook Ranch had raised cattle for generations; their prime location provided a perfect setting for growing premium varietal fruit. Smith & Hook Winery released its first vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon to high acclaim in 1980. Today Smith & Hook continues to produce its signature varietal-Cabernet Sauvignon. The bottle, with its ‘ranch brand’ emblazoned directly onto the bottles, reflects the heritage of Smith & Hook wines and the Hahn winery. Hand-crafted by winemaker Paul Clifton, the wine echoes the pioneering spirit of the Hahn Family and their commitment to Monterey winegrowing.

While traveling to Northern California in the mid-eighteen hundreds with his entire life savings, John Weinberger’s stagecoach was attacked by robbers.  Passengers were told to “shell out”.  Weinberger, without hesitation, shot the robbers with his Colt Navy he had hidden under his seat.  John, a visionary, then became one of the first pioneers in Napa Valley winemaking when he builds the first stone winery in St. Helena in 1873.  (A wine by William Cole Vineyards).

Only 88 calories per can, organically sweetened & flavored, Gluten-Free, Sulfite-Free, GMO-Free, 1g of sugar, 4g of carbs, 4% ABV sparkling sake wine. Made in the Midwest


For more than four decades, the wines of St. Francis Winery & Vineyards have reflected the finest mountain and valley vineyards in Sonoma County. Our founder, Joe Martin, fell in love with Sonoma Valley and established St. Francis Vineyard in 1971, planting 22 acres of Chardonnay and the first 60 acres of Merlot in Sonoma Valley. After achieving great success as a grower, Joe opened his own winery in 1979 with his business partner Lloyd Canton.


On one of California¹s earliest wine estates, a unique terroir and ideal microclimate support a classical standard of viticulture, land use, and winemaking that is as relevant today as it was over a century ago.

An intimate valley within the greater Napa Valley, Stags¹ Leap is a place of natural beauty, storied buildings and gardens, a lively history, and a reputation for elegant wines showing finesse and intensity.


Swanson Vineyards’ alluvial soils are part of geologic history dating back to the formation of Napa Valley where frequent flooding of the Napa River over the millennia laid down clay loam sediment. It is here in the heart of Oakville that our 100 acres produce wines of great elegance and finesse.Certified as sustainably farmed by Fish Friendly Farming, Swanson Vineyards’ wines owe their wonderful aromas, flavors and complexities to the soil and vineyard management. The vines are nurtured by the use of spacing, and trellis systems all selected to parallel the capabilities of the soil. Our mission is to ensure that the potential of our vineyards is captured and reflected in our wines.


Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Joe Swick is a fifth-generation Oregonian whose family’s roots are based in Eastern Oregon and the Columbia Gorge area. He became passionate about wine while working in the wine department of his local organic specialty food store. After meeting some Willamette Valley winemakers on the job, Joe worked his first harvest as a cellar assistant at Owen Roe in 2003.


Tangent wines are truly a departure from the ordinary. One of the world’s greatest explorations of cool climate, alternative white wines from a single vineyard, we focus on creating refreshing, easy-drinking yet complex white wines that go great with a vast variety of foods. They are all made with estate fruit grown on our family’s legendary Paragon Vineyard in the Edna Valley, the coolest AVA in the golden state of California. This dynamic range of crisp and bright, individual and distinct, unoaked and screw-capped white wines includes Albariño, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Pinot Gris, Grenache Blanc, and a blend, named Ecclestone. Join us as we explore and savor the limitlessly vibrant possibilities of cool-climate white wine.


The Forconi Estate is twelve kilometers ( 7miles) from Florence on the hills behind Chianti , immersed in a landscape of vineyards, olive groves , and woods which house, as well , lovely villas and stone farmhouses . The Estate has been a property of the Forconi Family by early 1900 , and consists of 21 rolling hectares of vineyards and Olive trees. The wines of Forconi Estate, beautifully express the endearing native character of the region – made with the same experience and appreciation for consistent varietal quality at a great value. Our lineup consists of palate pleasing, award-winning Chianti docg and Super Tuscan wines!


The Black family purchased an existing vineyard in the Dundee Hills of the Willamette Valley in 2003 as a family retreat. They immediately began turning the estate into a sustainably farmed, well tended vineyard with the goal of producing rich, elegant, delicious and complex wines. That same year The Four Graces was founded. The winery is named in honor of the Black’s four daughters: Alexis, Juliana, Vanessa, and Christiana. In 2005 the Blacks purchased the Doe Ridge property in Yamhill Carlton to continue the growth of the brand. They chose a site in a differing appellation to add complexity and variety. This vineyard has been turned into one of the largest experiments of its kind with twenty acres farmed biodynamically and twenty acres farmed sustainably through the L.I.V.E (low impact viticulture and enology) program.

Today The Four Graces produces pinot noir, pinot gris, and pinot blanc renowned nationally and internationally for their balance, elegance, complexity, and richness. The wines are crafted under the guidance of French born Laurent Montalieu one of Oregon’s most respected winemakers.


Trapichee sources its exceptional grapes from a variety of extraordinary vineyards throughout Mendoza, Argentina.  This “Richness of Diversity” is displayed via our extensive portfolio of wines.  Like no other, we understand the strength of the viticulture in Argentina, and therefore specialize in obtaining the best from every acre to create unique and premium wines.


Family owned and operated in the heart of Napa Valley since 1948, Trinchero Family Estates is a worldwide leader in the wine industry with more than 45 acclaimed wine and spirits brands and a global presence in nearly 50 countries.  Ours is a story of modern beginnings, steadfast perseverance and enduring passion –  for the lands, the community, for world-class wines.


From Edna Valley’s pioneering Niven family comes a new take on their legacy. They’ve been here since day one – living, breathing, and farming their historic Paragon Vineyard since 1973. Taking advantage of Mother Nature’s gift of rich and fertile soils on the Central Coast of California, our wine seek to delight and inspire, while maintaining the exceptional quality of which the Niven Family has been know for the last 40 years. True Myth presents an authentic experience, which only Mother Nature can express: one of depth, wonder, and a little bit of magic.


Weather delivers delicious hints of ripe red fruit, caramel and cola that contrast perfectly with the warm, round undertones of its earthy tannins. Sustainably Farmed. Single Vineyard.


We are a small, family owned winery in Napa Valley’s historic Rutherford appellation. We own approximately 140 acres of prime Valley-floor vineyards including the Leonardini Vineyard in St. Helena and are committed to making the finest Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Reserve wine. The winery continues to receive accolades and awards for producing some of the greatest wines in the world.

When William and Jane Ballentine bought a nineteenth century ghost winery in St. Helena in 1999, little did they know it would take them years to open its doors which had been shuttered since Prohibition.  They enthusiastically began an extensive renovation of the 1873 stone wine cellar on the bottom level of the historic three-story building while they moved their family into the top two floors.

The grape vine is the source of all wine. Reaching the highest level of quality in wine is only possible by starting with the highest quality fruit.

To get the best fruit we must control vineyard attributes such as location, soil chemistry, farming protocols, canopy management, fruit thinning and harvest timing.

While this gives us the best fruit it limits the total amount of wine we can produce, but there really is no other way.